Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eagle Motif Wallhanging Decade by Decade Project

I collect eagle quilts - antique, vintage, and new. I call my collection of eagle quilts the Parks-Wildemuth Collection to honor my parents and my husband.

Eagle Motif Wallhanging Decade by Decade Project

I was walking one day and an idea occurred to me to commission wallhangings – decade by decade traditional or art wallhangings with eagle motifs by quilt artists and/or historians whose work I admire to add to my collection of eagle quilts. The more I thought about that the more I loved the idea. I took a chance and approached my first quilt artist, designer, and historian and that dear soul said yes…..

And the rest is history.

I have a variety of quilt artists and/or quilt historians who have created these eagle motif wallhangings or are in the process of creating them for me.

I am looking for more quilt artists and/or historians to create more eagle motif wallhangings. The only decades that are open (and not spoken for) are 1830, 1870, and 1980 – if you’d like to do wallhanging utilizing the 1820s or an earlier decade we can talk about that too. If you decide you would like to participate, I will need you to contact me first and choose one of the decades not spoken for above and I will save that decade back for you.

Contact: Sue Email: and put the words Eagle Motif Decade by Decade Project in the subject line.

The Criteria

The wallhanging has to have an eagle motif in it.

It can be based on an antique eagle quilt or it can be an original design.

It has to represent, either by the eagle motif or the fabric or the design in the quilt - the decade it represents. In other words someone looks at it and they say ahhh - that's the 1970s or that's the 1970s version of the eagle motif.

The maximum size of the wallhanging is 24 inches by 24 inches but it can be smaller than that too.

The wallhanging should reflect the work of the designer who made it.

The piece can have a traditional interpretation or an artistic interpretation.

The wallhanging needs to be signed, dated, and named – a sleeve for hanging – if possible.

It does not matter whether it is hand pieced and hand quilted or machine pieced and machine quilted.

The person can use either period or reproduction fabrics. I get mine from (Margo)

I would like a photograph (scan) and a biography of the person who created the quilt.

The deadline for the piece is very open -- no hurry and no worry.

I pay a fair price for the commission and for shipping it to me.

What Will I Do with Them

The quilts are going into my eagle collection, but someday I will exhibit the wallhangings as a group - giving the artist who created them full credit in the exhibit for creating them -- I would simply be the owner of the commissioned piece.

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