Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button

The neat thing about being involved in quilt and textile history and taking it one step further to write about it, have a web site devoted to it, and a blog (which is less formal than a web site, free to produce, and fun to participate in) on the same subject is you get the opportunity to:

  • meet lots of people from all over the United States and beyond
  • network and share information
  • alternate from being the student to the teacher in the comfort of your own home

    Dorothy Krugner and I met each other through our love of NRA (National Recovery Administration) or the Blue Eagle Campaign information – me from an eagle quilt collector and her from a button collector perspective.

    I think Dorothy is probably one of the go-to ladies about buttons, in fact, I know she lectures and might even write about them – she also has an interest in the 1930s – NRA period in history. Dorothy and I did some business together and this dear soul sent me this framed piece with three buttons on it and isn’t it neat! I love going to the mailbox sometimes and finding these unexpected treasures waiting for me.

In Dorothy’s words….”The NRA button is a stamping from an original die – the middle button is probably from the 1876 centennial, and the bottom button is a Danforth Pewter made in 1992.”

It makes sense that buttons, like quilts and textiles, have stories to tell!

Thanks Dorothy for sharing!

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