Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Teddy’s 1950s Eagle Has Landed at My Home

"The Eisenhower Years" (or "Eagle Jumping Rope")
1950s Eagle Motif Wallhanging
Quilt Artist: Teddy Pruett
Commissioned for the Parks-Wildemuth Collection

Teddy Pruett created this wallhanging for me for my Eagle Motif Decade by Decade Wallhanging Project. Teddy took on the challenge of the 1950s and this piece is truly a one of a kind work of art by one of today’s most innovative quilt artists. Teddy calls this one “The Eisenhower Years” or by her “less formal” nickname “Eagle Jumping Rope.” It is an excellent example of Teddy’s work and I am so proud to own it.


I tried to get some close-up shots of the writing on the red and white striped border and of the eagle herself – love the elephant and donkey motif in the border. If you want to see more of Teddy Pruett’s amazing work, check out the quilt galleries on her web site:


Special Note About My Photographs: My photographs don't do this piece justice. This is the first time I have EVER used a digital camera to take pictures so I want you to know that this beautiful piece was photographed by a very inexperienced newbie digital photographer (me) who loves her 35mm Canon Rebel camera and was drug kicking and screaming into the digital age by her son and the digital version of the same grade of Canon camera – my lenses for both my 35mm and digital interchange or Susie would still be in the dark ages toting around her tripod and going to Walgreens to have her film developed.


  1. so glad you posted this....I learn something every day.

  2. Sue,
    Love Miz Teddie's eagle quilt. It is fabulous. Glad to see you are blogging.
    Come see my antique quilts
    Hope to see you at AQSG in Oct.
    Sandra Starley

  3. Wow! Lucky you, Sue, to be the owner of one of Teddy's fabulous quilts! How I wish I could have gotten to the Rocky Mt. Quilt Museum two years ago to see the special exhibit of her work.