Friday, October 29, 2010

Eagle Scout Art Quilt

I love quilt history and quilts that tell stories. It's no secret that I love eagle quilts, the history of that particular motif, and how it can appear and has evolved on quilts. I had been hunting for a Boy Scout quilt with the Eagle Scout quilt symbol on it for a spell to go into my collection of eagle quilts. You can't share the history of that particular motif in America and leave out the eagle scout symbol.

After about four years on the hunt, a light bulb went off in my head - why not commission someone to do an art quilt, one of those one of a kind pieces, that can only come from a truly gifted quilt artist's head. It is a win-win situation. The artist wins, you as the collector wins, and the world of quilt study wins - why not.

I went to quilt artist Jennifer Myers of Ohio (Google Art quilts by Jen) and she created this pictorial wallhanging for me which stirs up memories for this former den mother and summer camp mama and makes me smile. I loved that time in my life and learned many things - most of those boys are in the middle to late twenties now and I see them occasionally. Hard to believe, but a nice memory to be a part of.

I never guide a quilt artist - I let them have free reign -- I tell them I want this size, this theme, and the eagle motif in it and then I let them go. I guess it comes down to this -- to me, I feel too much imput on my part stifles creativity, I TRUST THEM to create a piece for me, and I have NEVER been disappointed.

This quilt came completely from Jennifer's imagination, but it is interesting that the boy scout camp she depicted looks amazingly similar to the one my son used to attend and I used to work at. Next spring if I can remember I will repost this blog and add a "spring" picture of my son's old scout camp. You will be surprised at how similar they are in appearence.

The boys in this piece look like they are having fun, don't they?

Thanks again Jennifer - as always a wonderful job.

Remember quilt history ladies and gents -- you can't find the quilt you're looking for then consider giving a quilt artist the opportunity to make it for you. Like I said earlier, it is a win/win situation.

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