Sunday, April 18, 2010

Treasure Hunting: Needlecraft Supply Company Chicago, Illinois 1930s Find

When I am not quilting, researching, or writing about quilts, I can be found roaming around auctions, antique malls, flea markets, and swap meets looking for quilt and textile treasures which pertains to eagle quilts and Illinois quilt and textile history. I don't just collect fabric items, I am also on the lookout for paper items to support my areas of quilt and textile interests.

My latest Illinois Quilt History find:

Lone Star Quilt Kit

Needlecraft Supply Company

Chicago, Illinois

Circa 1930s

See my web site: and find out more information about Needlecraft Supply Company of Chicago, Illinois.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quilt Stories Exhibit at Western Illinois Museum Macomb, Illinois

Western Illinois Museum
201 South Lafayette (at the corner of Washington Street)
Macomb, Illinois 61455

The museum is open 10 - 4, Tuesday through Saturday.
Admission is free and donations are welcome.

Quilt Stories Quilt Exhibit
December 22, 2009 - April 24, 2010

"Quilt Stories is a historical look at quilts from the region. A quilt can be simply defined as two pieces of fabric with a filler layer joined together by quilting stitches or ties. Over time it has become a canvas for quilters to express what they think important and hold dear. Each of the quilts in the exhibit tells a unique story of families, influences, inventions, beliefs and political interests. The exhibit includes over twenty quilts that represent the rich history of over 100 years of quilt making in the region sewn by women from Carthage, Good Hope, Macomb, and Bushnell with examples from as early as 1848." Excerpt from the Western Illinois Museum's web site.