Saturday, November 14, 2009

Prairie Sky Barn Quilts - Support Home Businesses!

If you drive through Iowa or Illinois on any of the country roads, U.S. Highways, or interstates there is a good chance you've seen them hanging on barns, silos, grain bins, garages, or displayed next to a lane/driveway welcoming visitors to a country home. These "eye-catchers" are called wooden "Barn Quilts" and they aren't just for barns (or farm people) anymore! These quilts would look great on your gardening shed, next to your front door, in your flower garden, on your garage, or "eye candy" at your place of business.

Check them out......

Prairie Sky Barn Quilts is located in Southeast Iowa and specializes in handcrafted wooden barn quilts made to your specifications. They handcraft their wooden barn quilts from the highest quality wood, paint with several coats of high quality exterior paint and seal with an excellent exterior sealant. They can handcraft any design you like or you may be interested in one of the designs they have already completed. There are also several sizes to choose from and they are reasonably priced.

The owners are two working mothers who have been friends for over 20 years. They love quilts and art and finally combined their talents to begin handcrafting wooden barn quilts. Each of the "wood" quilts are created in their studio, not in a factory. They paint each barn quilt individually and use only the highest quality wood, paints, and sealants. They do quality work!

I have one on order - they are personalizing it for me because I collect a specific type of quilt.

Contact Information:

Prairie Sky Barn Quilts
33146 263rd Trail
Milton IA 52570
Phone: 641-680-0086
Support Home Businesses!!!! The Mom and Pop type places!!!