Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quilt Research -- Uncovering Buried Treasure

Eagle Motif Embroidered on 1931 Quilt
(No Affliation to Either of the Ladies Mentioned Below)

I was iced in for a spell and once I finished my chores I got on the computer and did some "looking around" on the topics that interest me in quilt history. I found a couple of interesting people I want to know more about, both are 1930s quiltmakers from opposite sides of the United States.

Mrs. Mary J. Lockard
New Port Richey, Florida
West Pasco County
Wife of Warren Lockard

**She earned her living as a professional quilter in the 1930s -- all hand work - no machine.


Mary Ellen Herbert
Burley, Washington (state of)
Kitsap County
Wife of Otto Herbert
Mother of Frank Herbert
Grandma of Frank Herbert (author of Dune)
Great Grandma of Brian Herbert

**She entered her quilts in many many county fairs and eventually they (must be the fair board) had to tell her she could not enter her quilts anymore to compete (only to show) because her quilts always won.

I have Ancestry.com and I have "done that thing."

FYI for those of you who do quilt research - Ancestry.com is one of the most helpful tools out there, but it is a paid service. Start with Rootsweb.com first (it is free) and then decide (with a free trial) if Ancestry.com is for you.

Why am I looking for these two talented ladies? It has something to do with locating the whereabouts of two eagle quilts.

Anyone surfing the net that finds this site through Google -- if you have any information and/or photos of either of these ladies I would appreciate it if you would contact me.

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