Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jennifer Myers Quilt Artist

I commission and collect art quilts from various art quilters and/or quilt historians whose work I admire throughout the United States. For those of you who know me -- you know they usually HAVE to have an eagle motif on them and lean more towards patriotic and less towards wildlife, but I also like pieces that commemorate an historical event.

I met an amazing quilt artist (though we have never actually met in person) through a quilt I purchased from a third party. I would learn later that the quilt was designed and created by an Ohio quilt artist named Jennifer Myers. This quilt (wallhanging size) is the first piece I purchased from her -- it is called "9-11."

Author's Collection

This photo is good, but it does not do the piece justice -- I wish you could see it up close -- it is an eye popping design in person - musuem worthy in my book and I will send it to a musuem someday as it belongs there for a variety of reasons. This piece brings up emotions and isn't that what good art and music does -- makes you feel things, fires up memories, and touches that place deep within you - it's about beauty.

Well I commissioned another piece from Jennifer in 2010 - this one is part of a larger eagle motif project. I have been commissioning wallhangings from quilt artists and/or quilt historians - decade by decade which feature eagle motifs in them. Jennifer's decade was the 1960s.

Author's Collection

This one is called "To Everything There is a Season" and like "9-11" this is a masterpiece in my book and I am so proud to be the owner of it.

Jennifer Myers has a wonderful web site that has a gallery or archive of quilts she has created. It is Jennifer's Art Quilts - Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and treat yourself to a visit to Jennifer's archives and see her work.

I plan to commission another art quilt from Jennifer - I have the idea written in my journal and when the time is right I will approach her again. I like her work that much.

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