Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eagle Quilting Stencil

I am a hand-piecer and quilter. My sewing machine and I agree that I shouldn’t bother her unless I am making a Halloween costume, mending jeans, or creating a modern craft item. This relationship works for us because my machine and I realized early on that I am not a machine-piecer and quilter. I just don’t have the talent or inclination for it.

So that means…..When I am not doing a cross-hatch pattern with my one inch wide masking tape (cross-hatch is my favorite quilting design, but NEVER leave the masking tape on from one quilting session to another); I occasionally utilize a quilting stencil and a white pencil specially made for marking dark fabrics or a silver pencil made for marking light fabrics. I NEVER use a #2 pencil. I learned the hard way that does not work for me. I do not have a light touch with a pencil and I have not found a really good way to get pencil lines to fade. NEVER NEVER NEVER use an ink pen to mark fabric.

Above is my lone and only modern eagle stencil. Now I have not used him yet, but I intend to when the right eagle quilt project comes along, but I wanted all you other hand-piecers and quilters out there to know there is an eagle quilting stencil available.

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