Friday, December 3, 2010

Debby Rake’s “Eagle in the New Century”

“Eagle in the New Century”
Decade: 1900s
Deborah S. Rake 2010

A designer, artist, and quilt historian with a Master of Arts in Textile History/Quilt Studies, she is known in some circles as Deborah S. Rake but those of us who live in the Midwest (and these days in Texas), know this nice lady by the name Debby.

I first met her at a meeting of the Iowa Illinois Quilt Study Group in Kalona, Iowa back in early to mid 2000s. Back then she lived in small Iowa community and had a tie to the University of Nebraska quilt center and the study of Kit Quilts. These days Debby resides in Texas with her family and serves as the Secretary on the Executive Board of the Quilters’ Guild of Arlington, Inc. (Arlington, Texas).

Debby does not know this, but I contacted her about being part of this eagle motif project back in September because of a redwork square she did a few years back that I have NEVER forgotten She embroidered, in redwork, a copy of the State of Illinois county map, in what I would term as miniature. The Illinois quilt square was part of a fundraising project and what would, along with other redwork squares from other IIQSG members, become a part of a permanent redwork artifact at the Kalona Quilt and Textile Museum in Kalona, Iowa.

I saw this piece first because she sent it to my home to take to the next meeting. I can’t embroider to save my soul, but Debby can and she did an amazing job on that square. I’ll be honest – I did what I was supposed to do and passed the piece on to the proper person at the next IIQSG meeting, but I don’t mind telling you I didn’t want to. That is one piece I fell in love with and I am happy to report it has a good home at the quilt museum in Kalona, if you ever want to see it.

I approached Debby and asked her would you consider being part of my eagle motif decade by decade project and she said “sure.” She picked the 1900s and what you see above is her interpretation called “Eagle in the New Century” and she did a fine thing she utilized the crazy quilt format and her amazing embroidery skills to create the piece of me.

And I love it!

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