Monday, November 22, 2010

Remembering Grant and the 1870s

By now you all know about my Eagle Motif Decade by Decade Project (if not scroll down through my old blogs and you’ll find the information about it). I have been commissioning other quilt artists and /or historians to create 24” x 24” wallhangings that have an eagle motif in them and reflect a certain decade.

Side note: The 1980s and the 1830s (and any decade before 1830s) are still open, if anyone is interested in creating one of these wallhangings for me.

Back to business……. I wasn’t going to do one of these wallhangings myself – then I was – then I wasn’t, but then I decided I really should – how can I expect someone else to do something I would not do myself. I waited until most of the decades were spoken for before I made a choice. I choose the 1870s and I choose to honor President U.S. Grant with my eagle motif piece.

My inspiration for the piece came from a trip we took to Galena, Illinois this summer for my family reunion – my brothers and their families drove in from various parts of Iowa and Illinois. Beautiful town Galena, Illinois – someone should write a time travel book about it because there are still spots in that town that haven’t changed since the time Grant walked the streets there. Grant’s home still exists - it is a historic site and if you decide to visit Galena a must-see on your trip to this neat city.

Most of my fabric came from and Hancocks of Paducah online stores. Many of the fabrics used were from the Old Glory line – lots of fat quarters. This piece also utilizes some antique textiles and buttons (antique and new). I used fabric photo transfer sheets for the computer from Joann’s. The piece is hand-quilted and hand-pieced.

Here is my tribute to the 1870s and my eagle motif wallhanging “Remembering Grant:”

The Eagle

Left Upper Corner

Right Upper Corner

Left Lower Corner

Lower Right Corner

Centennial Side Left Side Piece

Chicago Fire Right Side Piece

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