Monday, June 14, 2010

Liberty Farm Journal and Farmer’s Wife Eagle Quilt

(Summer Spread)
Parks Wildemuth Collection

Why is my textile a Summer Spread and not a Quilt?

This pattern has been used in many a quilt, but the reason my textile is called a summer spread and not a quilt is because it is a single layer with no batting or backing. It is not quilted and the edges on this one are finished – similar to a modern day sheet.

Pattern Construction

This is a patriotic design. Three separate motifs are used in this quilt: #1 Eagle and Shield, #2 Bunting type border, #3 6-pointed Star. The blocks are 16 inch square, border is 14 inch wide.
It can be made into a quilt or a summer spread.

Pattern History

This is NOT a quilt kit.

The pattern Liberty appeared in Farm Journal and Farmer’s Wife Magazine in 1941. It was also featured in several vintage Farm Journal catalogs of patterns. The pattern was not included in the catalog, you had to send away for it. The buyer would then receive an envelope containing stapled sheets with instructions and pattern pieces commercially printed on them. In order to retain the integrity of the original pattern, some quilt makers made homemade templates from cereal boxes or other sturdy items because they would retain their shape after multiple uses and keep their original pattern safe from harm.

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