Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Exploring Women's Creativity - A MUST READ

When I have down time between projects, I have been known to go online looking for treasure of the informational and/or textile variety. Well today I hit the mother lode on Judy Anne Breneman's web site in the form of a series of articles under the heading of "Exploring Women's Creativity."

The URL is

When you click on the URL, look to the left side of the web page at the table of contents for a series of articles which begins with "What is Creativity?" Start there and work your way down, reading through each section. It does not matter where you are at on the "creative path," I promise you will take away something from reading Judy's piece.

This is my latest textile acquistion from one of my treasure hunting trips on the web and a dear soul who loves quilts that tell a story as much as I do. Thanks Semper Fi - always faithful!

Twin Towers - September 11, 2001

This quilt, like all good quilts, tells a story and the creative soul (and mind) that came up with the idea for this quilt is a historian as well as a fiber artist. Bravo well done!

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